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Restaurant owners only need a single table for management

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About Deliverit

DeliverIT runs independently of POS, so you’ll never need to change your systems or run into compatibility issues.

Connect with up to four printers and ensure both the front register and the kitchen are always on the same page!

Always know what is going on with your restaurant’s online delivery. See it all in one place with our powerful delivery analytics.

Centralize your favorite delivery apps in a single place, saving time and eliminating the possibility of missing orders.

Yokim Work

A complete solution for restaurants, franchises, ghostkitchens, cafes & more…

Fully featured for an easy management with multiple order platforms integrated to manage business from one single place

Expand into new delivery services worry-free, knowing DeliverIT has your back. No need to learn how to use new delivery systems or train employees multiple times with our simple, easy-to-use app interface.

Have an idea? Don’t hesitate to come over and talk to us to find out how we can help you achieve it.

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