Camellias Deam
New Hair - New Me

An integrated sales project for United States


Website Development

Content Creation

Competitor Research

Customer Analytics


Paid Research

Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic Content Creation

E-Commerce Development.

About Camellias Dream

Growing up, I was always doing something related to beauty. I would play, cut, and style my doll’s hair with gels and foams. Something that would inconvenience my mother was how I would insist on helping her wash my own hair despite being just a kid… and completely in her way.

Beauty was Ciarra and I loved everything about it, so with having no money of my own, my mom bought me snacks and I would sell them at school. I made just enough money to get everything that I needed: hair bleach and dyes, nail acrylic kits and a little light makeup.

Yokim Work

Camellias Dream aimed to create a more modern and dynamic website to increase the perceived value of their institutional presentation and their services.

As a showcase website, this project responds to a “second screen” strategy to support and convey the same perceived value as the presentation made in real life by a member of the company to a physical prospect.

Yokimm presents Camellias new website. A “One page” website in vertical scroll with animations, motion design and 3D illustrations, triggered by scrolling down.
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